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AFA Macau
Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira,
No. 45-49,
3 andar, Macau   map * 
tel: +853 2836 6064     
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The AFA (Art for All Society), is one of the non-profit organizations for arts in Macau established in 2007, aims to advance the artistic creation and development of local artists as well as to assist the Macau SAR Government with the development of local cultural undertakings.

Our head office of Macau AFA is currently in the industrial plant on Pereira street「Luen Hing Knitting Factory」on the third and sixth floor. We have our own place for exhibition, in addition there are a number of studios for artists with a total area of about 1,000 square meters. We aims to provide an innovative forum for the purpose of encouraging more local artists could be able to devote themselves in creation absorbedly, also public and sale their productions in solo exhibitions with stable studios. At the same time, we also wish to organize the works from local artists to attend the large-scale art fairs at home and abroad, shaping a healthy development patterns of cultural industries market in order to let more local artists who have potential and interest in arts to develop their personal artistic career, for the effort in development of Macau arts.

Expect for Macau, we also institute an AFA in Beijing at the beginning of 2008 as the trend of international artistic development, in order to build a good communication platform for mainland China to understand the development of arts in Macau as well as the communication between Macau and Beijing. The space of Beijing AFA is located on the 1st art zone, which has two parts of exhibition space and artist studios same as Macau AFA. In 2010, AFA Beijing is going to move to the famous Art district 798 Art district. The exhibitions of Beijing AFA include the maximum extent of the Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan youthful and new-style artworks, that showing the different cultural patterns to an international city - Beijing.

There is an art scholarship program set up by AFA in order to encourage the young artists in Macau could study in Mainland and abroad, to foster more excellent local arts practitioners. 

Visioning the future, AFA will continue to give priority to promote the contemporary development of art. Painting, fitting, photography, sculpturing, multimedia and etcetera art forms would be included. Scheming outstanding solo exhibitions of Macau artists and cooperate with domestic artists in joint exhibition, to meet the direction of cultural industries of Macau SAR Government.

There are a number of studios for resident artists set up by Beijing AFA, for the purpose of encouraging the artists from Macau and overseas to interchange and doing creative artworks in Beijing, convenient for artists’ daily life and work. Two separate rooms, washroom and 200 meters space for art direction are included in the Artist studios, equip with internet, heating and cooling, self-service laundry and cooking facilities are also equipped. Welcome interested parties fill in the form and apply to us, while your application is approved, accommodation fee will be free.

Opening hours:
Daily 9 am - 1 pm, 2. 30 pm - 6 pm


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