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Space Bandee (meaning 'firefly') is an alternative arts venue and non-profit organization in Busan. It was established with aim at contributing to the formation of alternative and progressive artistic culture in the local area through various artistic attempts, where has been of little progress and much absence in arts.

The lack of various exhibition places and professionals with planning and critical ability, the absence of educational program, the lack of productive criticism or critical argument, the absence of media, and the absence of network between other locals and art market, etc. has been chronic problems in this area. Bandee, succeeding Space 'Some' (meaning 'island') opened in 1999, investigates the method to overcome these problems through diverse practices such as exhibition, educational program, picking out new talented artist and director, seminar, construction of database of artists, and promotion.

Space Bandee will play a role as fountainhead to disseminate sound discourses in this local while supporting freely production and criticism and enriching visual art culture.


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