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The Jakarta Arts Council (Dewan Kesenian Jakarta – DKJ) is one of several organizations founded by Indonesian artists and had been officially stated by The Governor of Jakarta, Ali Sadikin, on June 17, 1969. The responsibility and the function of the Jakarta Arts Council are to build partnership with the Governor of Jakarta, formulating policies for supporting the activities and development of the arts in the capital region.

During the early stages, the members of Jakarta Arts Council had been appointed by the Academy of Jakarta, consisting of intellectuals and people of the cultural and arts of Indonesia. As time progresses the selection process is conducted transparently through a team of art scholars and experts, both from within and outside the Academy of Jakarta. They receive the candidates from the public and respected arts groups, and their administration term will run for 3 years.

The arts development policies will be carried out through annual programs from each committee, all prudently curate it internally. DKJ consists of 25 members and divided into 6 committees: Film, Music, Literature, Fine Arts, Dance and Drama.

Their vision is supporting the artist for developing their creativity and art creations; presenting the quality of arts to the public and to maintain, create and develop arts and culture in Jakarta. DKJ also is the umbrella that shelters, nurtures and bridge the art society with the common people and make Jakarta to be the leading city of arts. Furthermore to accommodate a constructive atmosphere for the artist itself hence they could present their creative artistic quality.



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