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Anil Kumar Kohli, the creative force behind Abstract, He began Painting at a very early age learning to paint and create art from his father, who was National Award Winner from Nehru Ji. He is a Brown Medalist Artist from Delhi College of Art in 1985 and also won a Best Companion Award in 1983-84. His ingenuity and creative drive is often described by others and an unstoppable force. He first began learning how to market her art in the early 90's, as a somewhat self taught artist, He found many avenues in which to promote and create. As a serial entrepreneur she is consistently attempting to educate communities regarding the importance of supporting local arts, and help other artists promote their creations.

In the mid of  80’s he produced and marketed his first simplistic style as a Various kind of job in Hindustan Times Group, Delhi Press and M/s Frank Bros & Co., up and down the India. Constantly marketing his art, he gained exhibits in Art & Culture and College of Art galleries throughout the India and made his way to Europe. His style grew and he began to build an audience. Craving always to create art, he learned to work with a multitude of mediums such as oil, pastel, acrylic and watercolor. Unbound by traditional methods and a poor naturalist, she utilized recycled materials such as; paper, wire, metal, wax, wood, glass and various kinds of earth to create many 2 & 3-dimensional pieces.

In the Early of 90’s “The Solo shows an uninhibited style as though all emotion was transferred to canvas”.-Indian Village and  nature (Agra) and “Harmony- Oil Painting and mix Media,(New Delhi) . Group show at Jawahar Kala Kendra (Jaipur) "The artist  expresses desire, throughout Solo Shows ”.-Abstract Art – By Roskilled Art Gallery (Denmark) in 2003, the artist, relocated to Denmark,. Soon after creating the Join Abstra Group Denmark in which each piece yielded sharp lines with deepening texture, generating wonderful reviews. The most sought after paintings in the ABRSTRACT, prints remain in high demand. The sharp abstract style of his work express a surrealistic quality, reminiscent of the great masters from early 20th century. His series and collection emanated a bevy of flowing color, expressing the emotional balance between love and human desire.

His collection over the period are Indian Army (New Dehli), Denmark, USA Shakyaver, Art Collection- Canada, England, Paris, Shuringer India, Hotel Taj view- Agra, Various Galleries in Jaipur (India). Many of the raw and emotional multi media pieces as well as her abstracts are exhibited permanently in Corporate House and Galleries around Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Dubai, Canada and India.

All current exhibits are updated in the gallery section. Many works of art may be viewed at various galleries throughout the India and Europe.




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