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Ox Warehouse
No Cruzamento entro a Avenida do Coronel Mesquita e a Avenida Almirante Lacerda Macau   map * 
tel: +853 2853 0026     fax: +853 2853 3047
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The Macao Ox Warehouse, with an unconventional setting at the rim of the urban landscape of Macau, creates a special arts space with its own character and independence.  Though situated at a slightly offbeat historical and cultural belt of Macau and away from the cluster of museums, cultural venues and popular public spots, the Ox Warehouse is within walking distance to the relics of the ancient Lin Fong Temple and the Kun Ian Temple, two of the three oldest Chinese temples of Macao.  Close to the residential area of the new immigrants, the Ox Warehouse is just one block away from the hustles and bustles of the Red Market (Chinese Wet Market) and the Canidrome (dog-racing track).

The Macao Ox Warehouse, was indeed a genuine ox-stable.  Since 2003, it retired from its modest service and turned itself into a versatile arts space for a wide spectrum of arts creation and continued the direction for arts development handed down by the then Old Ladies’ House Arts Space, which is to encourage experiments and artistic creations.  Through a wide range of activities such as exhibitions, workshops and artists-in-residence programmes, it has attracted artists of different styles to emerge into this artistic hub.  While it intends to weave the elements of arts into the community as a way to unearth local arts creations, it nurtures local arts through cultural exchange and artistic creation.

Every year, the Macao Ox Warehouse would invite creative artists of different countries and regions to be artistis-in-residence, to station in Macau for arts creation and to showcase their art pieces.  These artists would also conduct mini-workshops to share their creative experience with local arts lovers.

The Ox Warehouse offers an alternative premise for arts performance.  With the numerous arts shows, screenings, viewings and concerts organised, it has successfully drawn in young locals and expatriates to appreciate the performances, even though the premise is virtually not equipped with any air-conditioning, in this sub-tropical zone of Asia. 

There are currently one large and one small venue at the Ox Warehouse for either exhibitions or performances, one pottery/ceramics workshop, and one small classroom for short courses.  At present, guided services for exhibition could be provided, while workshops, cultural exchange seminars and performance, screenings and viewings are regularly held.  The Ox Warehouse plans to publish an alternative cultural magazines and arts publications with a view to use different means to encourage the development of contemporary arts in Macao. 

Opening time:
12 noon - 7 pm  Closed on Tue


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