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Recent Work
by Indexg
Location: Indexg
Artist(s): Marcelo SUAZNABAR
Date: 9 Nov - 18 Dec 2011

Marcelo Suaznabar's recent painting will be exhibited at INDEXG this Fall. The Bolivian art critic Pedro Querejazu once wrote about the artist's work: "Suaznabar's art is one of the complex languages, because he works with several superimposed text. In its formal aspect his work is low in chromatics, with a tendency to grey and darks backgrounds and brilliant colours in figures and details. moreover the pictorial matter in the work is carefully applied...

The work of this artist, seemingly tied with the oneiric of world of super-realism, is in reality a conscious construction . Through the use of nightmare visions, expressing the absence of options for the future and of utopian myths in which to believe .It shows the pessimism of the tour of the century and the imminent cataclysm of the millennium..."

Themes in these works focus on the subconscious, and the artist's particular concern with man's obsession with power. "I try to seek answers and to contemplate on them," the artist reflected, "I need to express them with the language of colour. In my figures there is symbolism of life, nature, the environment and progress...the universe and the confusion of the mind. The repetitive image of clocks found throughout the paintings reminds us that the cycle of life is fragile; hope for society's future will spring from listening to these message."

Born in Bolivia, Suaznabar was a passionate artist with a particular interest in drawing. He was also known to paint on any surface he could find. The rich surrounding of his birthplace, including folkloric traditions dating back to the 1600's in his home city of Oruro, helped to inform his early work and developed his passion. After touring with his family throughout Bolivia, he continued on to Chile where he took a seasonal study at the Art school of the Catholic University. In 2001 Suaznabar and his partner settled down in Toronto, where they raise a family with two children.

Suaznabar has exhibited widely throughout the world, including at the Ex Convento del Carmen Museum, Guadalajara- Mexico, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Monterrey- Mexico and international art fairs in New York, Miami, Naples and Toronto.

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