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Kendra Gallery of Contemporary Art hope to have a positive and dynamic effect on the contemporary arts in Indonesia. They will foster international dialogue by showing the art of many cultures side by side: Balinese, Indonesian, European, Asian and American. This artistic dialogue will be supplemented by inhouse publications, lectures, films, workshops and performances which will make Kendra Gallery a centre for art happenings. Eventually, they also plan to initiate an artist-in-residence program. This program will sponsor foreign artists in their work and research while providing opportunities for locally-based artists to profit from a different worldwide and diverse technical/ educational experiences.

As Kendra Gallery goes forward, their exhibitions will highlight both established artists and young artists just entering the professional world. Guiding them in their career decisions will be a fundamental element of our development program.

By opening with a non-commercial, fund-raising exhibit, they wish to express our commitment to the place that nourishes and inspires us. It is also a nomage to two of the primary sources of art and artists in Indonesia: Bali and Jogyakarta. They plan to make charity and the promotioan of awarness of social issues a regular element of our activities at Kendra Gallery. The Bali Kindergarten Project and the Bantul Kindergarten Project in Jogyakarta, as well as the Jodie O'Shea Orphanage are associations doing necessary work to improve the lives of children who need our help. Please read more about these associations at the end of this catalogue.

Kendra Gallery of Contemporary Art is happy to be able to work with like-minded art world professionals in Bali and elsewhere to motivate and inspire an artistic dialogue and continue to develop Bali as a world-class centre for the contemporary arts.



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