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Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery
Horikawa-Oike Gallery 1F & 2F
238-1 Oshiaburakoji-cho, Nakagyo-ku
Kyoto 604-0052 Japan   map * 
tel: +81 75 334 2204     

Kageutsushi  – reflection, transition, Infection -
by Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery
Location: Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 3 Nov - 25 Nov 2012

Exhibiting artworks using image media – photography and video- is not unusual today. Such works gradually stretch their realm in abundance, which cannot be identified from dualistic examples- “mirror” reflecting artist’s inner self and “window” open to the world discussing photography at one time. In the exhibition, Kageutsushi - reflection, transition, Infection -, five artists using image media- Shunsuke Kano, Kohei Takahashi, Yuki Matsumura, Rui Mizuki, Katsunori Mizuno- are selected to draw attention to diverse approaches to still and moving image.
First, as a guide, the word utsushi, casually used for photography, video and film is focused. The word means optical phenomina, reflection and projection. However, utsushi is not necessarily related to moving image. For example, the myth about the origin of painting- Corinthian young lady tracing the projection of the lover’s shadow in “Natural History” by Pliny and the story of Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection in the water in “De pictura” by Alberti, are deeply related to utsushi. Besides, utsushi from design and model, that is, imitation as learning is the essential for conception of style and tradition of culture. Mutual utsushi in different cultures such as interpretation and adaptation is an attempt to create culture. Furthermore, extending the perspective of the word utsushi, it is transition in time and space, copy of texts and things, transfer of sacred entities. Also, transmission of pathogen, it can even include biological processes such as cell division and heredity. In addition, usushi could be transition from the invisible to the visible, like spirit possession by ghost and mononoke, manifestation, the appearance of invisible entities – God and Buddha, and Utsushiyo - the present world- toward another world or dream, however, utsushiyo and the word Yumeutsutsu - the state between dream and reality cannot be clearly divided.
Thus, the word utsushi using for moving image has a rich polysemy of meanings. Going back to moving image again based on utsushi with abundant connotations, and seeing artworks accompanied with the word, new expressions of moving image will arise miscellaneously.

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