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Yoshimi Arts
3/F Wakasa Building
1-8-24 Edobori, Nishi-ku
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Open Studio
by Yoshimi Arts
Location: Yoshimi Arts
Artist(s): Rachel ADAMS
Date: 18 Sep - 11 Oct 2015

Yoshimi Arts is pleased to announce British artist Rachel Adams' solo exhibition "Open Studio".

Our Encounter with Rachel Adams focused on the sculpture work she presented in the group exhibition "Paper" held in 2013 at Saatchi Gallery in London. The work appeared to possess the features of classic bronze and stone sculptures, but we perceived something strange with the sculpture’s sense of weight. As one looked at it closer, the sculpture was composed with colored paper, which impressed us deeply with this unprecedented use of a familiar material. We invited her as one of the artists for the group exhibition "'Material and Form' in a digital age" held at Yoshimi Arts in September 2014, where she presented 3 sculptural works including the same work series she had presented at Saatch Gallery and one two-dimensional work.

"Open Studio" is Rachel Adams first solo exhibition in Japan. This exhibition considers what it means to work in the studio and how creativity rubs up against domestic life. Influenced by sculptural history of the 20th century Adams has been considering images of the sculptor's studio and the sculptor at work. Alongside this she has been drawing on images from contemporary furniture and lifestyle blogs. Using hand dyed fabric, digitally fabricated acrylic shapes and traditional sculptural tools, this new series of sculptures aims to highlight contradictions in both our perceived notions of history and hierarchical structures separating art from design. 

Adams is now based in Glasgow, Scotland, where she has been producing and presenting her works across England as well as in the Netherlands, and will stay in Roma from October as the recipient of the Sainsbury Scholarship in Painting and Sculpture by the British School at Rome. We hope you won't miss this opportunity to enjoy the solo exhibition, "Open Studio", with new works by Rachel Adams, who has been a focus of attention as one of the up and coming contemporary artists in England.

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