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Artcourt Gallery
Tenmabashi 1-8-5,
Osaka 530-0042 Japan   map * 
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iEye - ai
by Artcourt Gallery
Location: Artcourt Gallery
Artist(s): Alan CHAN
Date: 26 Oct - 22 Nov 2013

Alan Chan is the internationally well-known designer working since 1970s. For the first time in Japan, Art Court Gallery introduces his art work series using iPhone 'iEye-ai'. 

Alan Chan said 'When visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Milano, I took a photo of beautiful composition or landscape by iPhone and I discovered  new form while I was creating a figure as repeatedly making photo in graphic.' Among cut cityscape and nature from iPhone camera function, he found a new visual effect, structure and context unseen in snapshot. 'iEye-ai' is a compound word from 'iPhone', 'Eye' and 'ai' ('love' in Japanese), and the series has been on display at New Age Gallery in Beijing and Milan fashion brand, Anteprima's show room. 

Through iPhone which brought a great change to our communication way, he said 'iPhone's frame is very iconic as much as a bottle of Coca Cola in terms of daily life and culture of today. Using iPhone's frame for visuality, this work recreates a moment of checking taken photo and hommage.' 

Yao Xiaoyan, a critic, said 'Photo, mobile phone, symmetrical figure...This is everything non-existing in anywhere else.' There are images from buildings reflecting a history of a city and movement of the light out of the window like a diary. Beyond the boundary of photo, design, documentary or story, the exhibition consists of photo graphic and installation by two-dimensional image composing a space. 

Including new video work taken in Kyoto 'Noren', 50 photographs and films will be on display. 

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