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Opened in March 2004, The Arts House is Singapore's newest arts and heritage venue where all are inspired by the arts and where the arts become a fundamental in life through a connection with artists and their works. Built in 1827, Singapore's first Court House and former Parliament House, is the only gazetted government building designated as a multidisciplinary arts centre. At The Arts House, audiences connect with artists and arts organisations through a broad spectrum of engaging, contemporary arts and entertainment events. The Arts House is managed by Old Parliament House Limited, a not-for-profit full-service arts management company limited by guarantee.

It was built as a house. Then it became the Court House, the Old Court House, the Assembly House and the Parliament House. The management of the building as an arts venue decided to retain the word “house” because of the historical context. Visitors will get a sense of the intimacy of a home, as each area in it is named after different parts of a house. There will have different kinds of activities happening in each of these different rooms, each of them developing, and growing artistic talent and artistic appreciation. The Arts House seeks to engage and connect audiences with artists and their audiences and to remove any barrier. Artists and audiences alike will feel at home at The Arts House.

Designed and built in 1827 as a private residence for a merchant John Maxwell, this building was used instead as a Court of Law, a municipal office, the Legislative Assembly and the Parliament until 1999 and is Singapore’s oldest surviving government building.

The Arts House fills a niche where the arts, lifestyle and heritage could fuse together in a comfortable and inspiring setting. At The Arts House, audiences access the arts easily through programmes of broad appeal, and through interacting freely with artists and their works. Artists will find The Arts House a place for connecting with their audiences and with one another even as they avail themselves to amenities that re-charge them. At the same time, the space is highly conducive for the development of young talent.

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 10 am - 8 pm  Sat 11 am - 8 pm  Closed on Sun


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