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Art-management is a company dedicated to promote and manage visual and performing artists based in Singapore and overseas. Our team seeks to maximise the possibilities of extending artists’ creations to all communities through uniquely curated events and professional management and dealings – hence enabling great talents to shine the way they deserve.

art-management covers artistic services from representing artists, renting out art, and organising exhibition openings and art based corporate events. Our expertise is seen in our approach to create events with special concept and venue.

Event Management
You want your events to be prominent among all and your patrons to recall occasions of a difference. art-management’s greatest strength is in creating spaces for people to meet, interact and be inspired by uniquely conceptualised environments with the touch of art. We are experts in contemplating and organising events with our distinctive resources and experience in staging performances, visual displays, and choice of cuisine to detailed setting in mood, lightings and music for your reunions, corporate dinners and exclusive parties.

Visual & Performing Arts Management
You are an artist seeking to associate with a corporation and brand your art with their business. art-management always goes an extra mile to constantly elevate our artists to the lime light with our professional visual and performing arts management. We have over years proved our strengths in creating marketing strategies, and public relations and promotional campaigns that had propelled our artists’ creations to the public, arts community and corporate organisations.

Art Leasing
You want your business space or home to be an ever inspiring environment and enhanced with the quality of living and work life. art-management offers an extensive range of contemporary artworks in different media such as paintings, sculptures and prints by artists world-wide for a economic and tax efficient leasing for corporate, residential and medical venues, hospitality markets and special functions.

Art consulting, sourcing and dealing
You require the best art works and programmes customised for your organisational needs, aesthetic specifications, brand building and investment viability. art-management connects our clients, be it a corporation, home or private collectors, to our wide network of designers, art agents and artists to deliver art works by remarkable talents, and produce the most excellent artistic setting and programmes.

Art Jamming
Your team needs a perfect outlet off-work and to unwind in a different way, fun and therapeutic. art-management’s extraordinary Art Jamming is out to stir the creative juices for busy professionals and corporate activities with canvas, paint, music, fine food and drinks. This activity brings to light the arty side of you in an evening with intense creative surge; afterall, everyone gets to bring home what they created!

Curatorial services
You are a gallery, organization or an artist looking for specialists to assist in the conceptualising and production of exhibitions or distinctive showcases. art-management offers curatorial services that proficiently deals with professional planning, acquisition of art collections, preservation, installation and demount of exhibitions. These comprise of our specialised knowledge in art works documentation, insurance coverage and write-up of exhibition commentaries.  

Art Patronage
Your organisation envisions itself as part of Singapore’s Cultural Revolution. Art patronage has existed over centuries since before the period of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, and Singapore has taken focus on her local talents and young burgeoning arts scene. Co-brand your company with the masters of the next generations by providing artists studio space to succeed as a benefactor of the arts in the public eye.


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