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Emotional Memories
by Societe Generale Gallery at Alliance Française de Singapour
Location: Societe Generale Gallery at Alliance Française de Singapour
Artist(s): Seon Kang WOLTER
Date: 25 May - 12 Jun 2013

Shirubean, was inspired by "Kongnamul" which was created through a childhood experience being amazed by the growth of yellow bean sprouts from the shiru pot.

Though the concept is typically Korean, it has a Western infusion; representing personal mixed culture identity. Thus, the coining of the term "Shirubean".

The creation of the "Shirubean" series is a reflection of inquisitiveness, sublimating emotions and perceptions of all that has been experienced in the past years in the life of the artist.

Each "Shirubean" represents a unique memory etched with specific emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear and calm. In totality, these individual memories eventually form a bigger overall memory of a certain place, person and time; allowing for an overall experience of this certain entity.

The "Shirubean" represents to the artist not only mere emotions, but also everything she has come to understand of this very inquisitivenes that starts off the formation of emotions and experiences which in turn creates how one feels about it. The philosophy is a choice to know, feel positively, learn and express oneself clearly.

This installation utilizes over 5000 hand crafted porcelain beans representing emotions through colors and memories through symbolic representation, photography and LED light.

Image: © Seon Kang Wolter, photo by Charlie Lim

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