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by Societe Generale Gallery at Alliance Française de Singapour
Location: Societe Generale Gallery at Alliance Française de Singapour
Artist(s): Almanic
Date: 4 Jan - 14 Jan 2013

Dustbunnies are known to start bunnyfying when environmental waste in its surrounding habitat, such as hair, dust, lint, skin particles and debris comes together and amalgamate. Dustbunnies is an exhibition of paintings and drawings by the members of ALMANIC, in the context of this exhibition, the term dustbunnies is used as an analogy to represent the human condition. As an inescapable aspect of human existence, we are all subjected to the same inherent flaws of human life. We are born an empty vessel and like the dustbunny that is formed by all these different waste in its environment, the human environment that we live in fills us with the different social, cultural and personal context that we are situated in.

The artworks that will be showcase is a physical manifestation of the artists’ own introspection. Each artist takes on a different facet of the human condition; concerns with meaning, freedom, escapism, quotidian and mortality. It is fitting that paint and graphite is used as a medium to scribe and express these eluding thoughts on. Perhaps for a brief moment that one view the works, be drawn away from the urban bustle to reflect on what it means to live, to have and to hold.

About Almanic:

Almanic (the L is silent) is a collective of psychiatric patients (comprises of Debra Raymond, Denise Jillian Tan, Duong Nguyen, Fyerool Darma and Khairulddin Fvlgvres) who met in an asylum art therapy class. As part of their terms of release, they are required to practise art on a regular basis to help with their rehabilitation and recovery efforts. Despite all the members having their own manic practise and morbid interests, what bonded them together was a love for the representational in art, a common denominator in their works and ideas. Claims that label them a covert government social experiment gone wrong however are baseless and they are doing this on their own free will.

Image: © Almanic

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