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Born in Morocco in 1956, ALI MAIMOUN is a self-taught artist who possesses a suggestive power so original that we are not able to attach him to neither a school nor pictorial movement as his style is very personal and richly coloured. He paints without constraints in vast enthusiastic and energetic compositions. His subjects of choice are animals but often, he creates them with two heads, or more, with strangely folded bodies which are mixed in a dance that gives the work a very
dense interior life.

In brief, asymmetric and fantastic creatures which leads the imagination towards a liaison with the pre-historic. “I take things from nature without knowing where they come from or why,” he says. However his subconscious is expressed through creations which are full of power. ALI MAIMOUN possesses a very rich palette composed of the opposition of complimentary colours as well as the juxtaposition of nearest tones. He has also invented a personal technique by mixing wood powder to glue and colour pigments. An original technique which permits him to create different layers and depths in his work. ALI MAIMOUN expresses the power of inventive art where the unreal mix with the imaginary and is undeniably one of the greatest representatives of modern primitive art. Moreover, his canvases offer strange correspondences with primitive art from other parts of the world.

Exhibitions: Morocco, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Portugal,
Belgium, England.


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