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Spring Rhapsody
by Artfolio
Location: Artfolio
Date: 14 Mar - 13 Apr 2009

Featuring New Artworks by
Eng Tay  |  Oh Chai Hoo  |  Ching Hing Kang
Tay Bak Chiang  |  Soh Chee Hui  |  Marc Rambeau

Spring Rhapsody marks the first exhibition at Artfolio following a major revamp at the gallery. The vibrance and hope that the new spring brings are encapsulated in the exciting new works.
Malaysian-born Eng Tay has lived and worked in New York for nearly 30 years, and exhibits extensively throughout USA and Asia.  Working in several media including oil, sculpture and limited edition hand-printed etchings, his works revolve around the themes of music and love, and is an eclectic mix of cultures and influences.

Oh Chai Hoo is one of the most versatile multi-media artists in Singapore today.  Renowned for his use of heavy calligraphic strokes and foil collages, Chai Hoo's artworks are powerful fusions of Eastern and Western fine-arts traditions.

Ching Hing Kang, an accomplished local artist, has traversed several countries and media in the quest for his art.  His current landscape series of captures the breathtaking beauty of China's natural terrain.
Tay Bak Chiang is one of Singapore's most innovative young artists, has won several national art competitions.  Chinese ink painting is fused with Western style compositional treatment to create a uniquely poetic harmony.  At once energetic and whimsical, Bak Chiang's art inspires one to look at nature with new eyes.

Award-winning Malaysian artist, Soh Chee Hui, juxtaposes different elements of his Malaysian Chinese heritage in a quest for personal identity and artistic synthesis. Constantly evolving in style and subject matter, his current series reveals a sensitivity towards the mythology and affinity we feel towards different iconic images.

French-born Marc Rambeau adopted Australian citizenship in 1989 after spending 30 years in various exotic locales in the South Pacific.  Since discovering the use of rice paper in his China sojourns in the mid 90s, Rambeau has used this medium extensively in his art, which is characterised by bold simplicity and strong colour.

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