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Space Cottonseed
47 Malan Road #01-24,
Singapore 1094444   map * 
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Nature, In Process
by Space Cottonseed
Location: Space Cottonseed
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 11 Jul - 17 Aug 2014

In his book Origins of Modern Japanese Literature, Karatani Kojin explored the origins of landscape painting through literature. Since the West discovered the idea of landscape painting, nature was likened to an object to be observed as a subject for painting. In traditional Asian painting, there was an absence of concept for landscape painting because Chinese ink painting of mountain and water was not a depicted nature but an idealized landscape. It was a constructed image, a fiction, and a formula that had replaced language. Elements of nature in the painting used implied metaphors such as eternity, immorality, fidelity, devotion, bravery, sacrifice and, furthermore, a memory of a different time and space.

As Kojin pointed out, when landscape painting derived from a Western perspective was settled in Asian culture as a genre of painting, the audience is trapped to observe landscape painting as it is, and nature has lost its metaphoric roles as an image in art. Once placed in a frame where an object is defined, they cannot imagine outside of the frame. The object will be categorized, analyzed, interpreted and defined within the frame; A reason that landscape or any subject of nature in art can been easily overlooked as traditional rather than contemporary.

In the exhibition Nature, in process, four artists – Jeong Lok Lee, Joon Kiat Ng, Hannah Tan and Victor Tan – explore nature and conceptualize the idea of nature depicted in various ways using different medium. Nature, providing as a theme as well as metaphor that contains stories of our lives such as politics, pollutions, social critics, and memory. Although the artists practice with different medium such as painting, photography, sculpture and natural materials, and perceive nature in different perspectives, there is a common thread penetrating through their works as they investigate nature confined in a frame through which they understand, analyze, and observe the world.

-Space Cottonseed

Image: © Hannah Tan
Courtesy of the artist and Space Cottonseed

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