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Galerie Belvedere
140 Hill Street #01-10/11/12,
Old Hill Street Police Station,
Singapore 179369   map * 
tel: +65 6423 1233     
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Best of Asian Art
by Galerie Belvedere
Location: Galerie Belvedere
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 15 Jan - 7 Feb 2015

Galerie Belvedere is proud to present the exhibition “Best of Asian Art” which celebrates contemporary painters from Asia.
This show is the opportunity to discover the works of exciting artists from Asia with an international dimension. Most of them have had their works auctioned and have participated in exhibitions internationally.  If you want to explore contemporary Asian art, Galerie Belvedere is your place!
Arie Smit (b. 1916) is an Indonesian citizen from the Netherlands. His vibrant art celebrates the beauty of Bali and its people.  His paintings are visually complex and elegant, with poetic use of colours.  His paintings are in several museum collections particulary the Neka Museum in Bali.
Faizal (b. 1965) graduated from the Indonesian Arts Institute in Yogyakarta. He travelled and participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Amsterdam, France, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Jakarta, Singapore. His works are colourful and filled with imaginary and fantasy characters. His works have been auctionned by Sotheby’s and auction houses in Indonesia.
Herry Dim (b. 1955) is an Indonesian contemporary artist who has held numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Indonesia and around the world. Known as a painter and performance artist, he is also deeply involved in installation and printmaking. He writes essays, some of which were published in the collection Jawinul: Trips in the Woods of Culture (1993). 
Lydia Velasco (b. 1942) is a Filipino artist whose works have been auctioned by Sotheby's and Borobudur. She is considered as one of the top women artists in the Philippines today. Velasco focuses on women, liberating them on her canvases and asserting their identity and freedom amidst a mainly patriarchal society. 
Sudarisman (b. 1948) graduated from the Arts Academy in Yogyakarta and trained at the Academy of Arts in the Hague (1982-1983). He juxtaposes contrasting images: abstract and realism, contemporary and tradition, progress and heritage. His objective is to show the contrasts but at the same time obtain harmony and unity.
Featured artists: : Carlo Magno, Jerry Morada, Krijono, Om Mee Ai, Paul Husner and Ugo Untoro.
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