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Xuanhua Art Gallery was established in 1997 with a mission to promote and market the finest works of Contemporary Chinese Ink Painters.

The gallery showcases works of renowned artists from China and Singapore.  Their creations all rest on a profound cultural foundation, and grounded on solid fundamentals.  At the same time, they demonstrate modern aesthetics and the unique artistic styles of each artist. The artists presently on display include:
    •    Zhang Guang and Li Kui Zheng of Beijing,
    •    Han Tian Heng of Shanghai,
    •    Liu Er Gang of Nanjing,
    •    Liu Mao Shan of Suzhou,
    •    Chen Yong Qiang and Zhao Wu Chao of Guangzhou,
    •    Du Ying Qiang of Shantou,
    •    Xu Yong Xin of Qingdao,
    •    Cui Hai of Shi Jia Zhuang
    •    Huo Chun Yang of Tianjing and
    •    Gong Yao Ming of Singapore.


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