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ARTINNO Contemporary Art Project (ACAP) is a social art project initiative founded to examine art and innovation [Art (ART) + Innovation (INNO) = ARTINNO] of Asian-based artists and designers, in particularly the South-East-Asian region, as well as China and India. It will include works from the geographical area like Vietnam, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos. The area is also known as Indochina. The art of this region traditionally draws from three major sources: indigenous traditions, China, and India.

However, its recent cultural and artistic exploration will not only be shaped by such traditional sources but regional politics and locally-motivated social agenda as well. It is already been influenced by global change via the speed of communications and it getting more borderless virtually day by day. Why the history of this region unfolded so differently in comparison to other geographic continents politically and socially? What will mould the fate of artistic lives and their stories? With a singular China agenda, will the Asean region be more insular? And how does India's strategic conjecture will not only create a region shapes by conflict resolution and political renewal in the coming two decades, are key questions in mind. Art and the socio-political conflict resolution is also the collision of tradition and modernity, in addition to the quest of a better social-economic lifestyle and aspiration. It is argued that the Asean's economic transformation in the 80s and the 90s is shaped by the wave of globalization and totalitarianism, but as the trend of de-globalization takes its own development and the directions of transformation it is going to take. Will a more functional democracy rather than an ideological one  that exists within the framework of Asian society?

The artistic evidence may provide us clues in a region shaped by cultural diversity rather than homogenous, where conflict resolution is imperative. While political and economic integration has been the main roadmap for peace and growth from the ASEAN's perspective, local political climate and social change may unfold a complex region, yet to be fully understood. With a more insular Asean region, art can be a barometer of expression and a catalyst for better freedom of expression  to be shaped by political change and renewal. Politic is like any other resources of nature is renewal after all. We are now in the current narrative to be told for  the future, as Richard Rorty aptly puts it, "Nations rely on artists and intellectuals to create images of, and to tell stories about, the national past" The anticipation of this intense change as observed by its co-founders is a key driving motivation of ARTINNO Contemporary, where the evolving new Asian energy will be articulated, but more importantly to present the expressions of this new energy - in particular the Post-Independence generation.

Currently, ARTINNO Contemporary focuses art-online strategy and its working relationship with its artists and attempt to engage the concept of innovation and its impacts on artistic production, as well as  its media resolution issues

ARTINNO Contemporary Art Project (ACAP)
(A Social Art Initiative Project by VONGYIS)


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