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Sculpture Square Ltd is a non-profit, independent arts organisation and a registered charity under the Singapore National Arts Council. It is Singapore's first and only art space dedicated to the promotion, development and regional exchange of contemporary 3-dimensional (3D) art.

Since its inception in 1999, Sculpture Square has been a pioneer player in the local visual arts scene, especially in recognising and nurturing young talent. Individual and collaborative exhibitions, regional artist exchanges, artist residencies and symposiums provide opportunities for both new and established artists to grow in the field of 3D art.

As a regional hub for sculpture and contemporary 3D art, Sculpture Square's mission extends beyond showcasing works by local and regional artists - it aims to bring the world of 3D art to the community and bridge the gap between the public and these artists.

Lively community programs run throughout the year at Sculpture Square - including talks, informal meet-the artist-sessions, the annual Children's Sculpture Carnival, Children's Sculpture Exhibition and year-round sculpture workshops.

Sculpture Square also provides art consultancy services for private and public art commissions, backed by a strong in-house curatorial capability as well as an expanding in-house resource centre.

To be a source of artistic inspiration and reflection, a catalyst in encouraging freedom of spirit and a new dynamism in 3D art in Singapore.

To be a viable hub where contemporary 3D art can be viewed, critically evaluated, traded, promoted and presented to the public in accessible and informative ways.

Engage the public
To increase public awareness and involvement in 3D art through exhibitions, outreach programmes and public art
Facilitate regional artistic exchange
To actively support the artistic development of 3D art by providing a platform for regional artistic exchange
Transform 3D art into a commercially viable discipline


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