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Love Untitled
by Valentine Willie Fine Art Singapore
Location: Valentine Willie Fine Art Singapore
Artist(s): Lampu KANSANOH
Date: 8 Oct - 30 Oct 2011

Rising Thai artist Lampu Kansanoh presents her first solo at VWFA Singapore Love Untitled. Embracing the sensual and visceral quality of painting itself Kansanoh’s style blends humour, pathos and philosophy through her keen observations on the human spirit during everyday moments. Creating a hybrid aesthetique of caricature, exaggeration and painterly technique she presents a wry form of genre and tableau painting that observes Thai culture and the universal human qualities of love.

Informed by a cultural and spiritual sensibility rooted within Buddhist thought, Kansanoh’s Love Untitled embraces the emotional devotion and psychological connection that love evokes. Kansanoh selects scenes from her own life as well as those around her of momentary and profound love. Whether families on holiday or those mourning the illness of a loved one or simply the pleasure of dogs enthusiastically greeting a visitor at the house, each scene evokes the depth and textures of love in both adversity and happiness.

Kansanoh’s signature style to date has been focused on the depiction of the human form through fleshy and sweeping brushstrokes. These then reveal forms of unusual proportions: enlargened heads and facial features whose mouths and eyes are contorted into amplified gestures of human expression. Faltering between humour and the grotesque her distorted perspectives communicate the possibilities of painting to present an optimism and realism on the shifting of human life and emotion.

About the Artist

LAMPU KANSANOH, b1983, Thailand
received her BFA and MFA from Silpakorn University, Bangkok. She has been exhibiting in numerous exhibitions since 2004 and her solo shows include Bitter Sweet, ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art, Bangkok, 2011 and Nonsense: No-nonsense, ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art, 2009. Group shows include Colours of Beijing, Krung Thai Bank Art Gallery, Bangkok, 2010; Young Female Artists of the Year by Bann Lae Suan, ARDEL Gallery, 2009; Dark and Light, Teo Nam Fah Gallery, 2007 and Wiz Women Work, Playground Gallery, Bangkok, 2006. A rising talent on the Thai art scene she has received numerous awards of excellence for her practice to date and was selected to participate in 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale in 2009.

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