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Art Park opened June 2003 in Samchung-dong, Seoul, to provide collaborative space for artists, architects, collectors, curators, and planners. At Art Park, curators and planners plan a variety of fun and exciting exhibitions. Art Park finds and exhibits works by great contemporary artists.

Working cooperatively with architects, it also develops and organizes many art and architectural projects.

Art Park provides consulting services in various areas relating to art galleries, museums, and exhibitions.

Director, Kyuhyeong Park, operates Art Park with her 20 years of experience in museums and galleries.

Art Director,Gallery Hyundai,Seoul(July 1996 - March 2003); Chief of Exhibition Team, Media City Seoul 2000, Seoul(January 2000 - November 2000); Curator, Multimedia Art, Kyongju Cultural Expo, Kyongju(March 1998 - November 1998); Curator, Project 8, Total Museum, Seoul(April 1996 - October 1996); Curator,The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwachon(June1996 - June 1999); Curator, Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul & Kyongju(January1991 - December1995); Visiting Professional, Smithsonian Institution of Travelling Exhibition Service, Washington, DC. U.S.A.(January 1987 - June 1987)

Opening hours:
Daily 10.30 am - 6 pm


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