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by Gallery Hyundai (Gangnam Space)
Location: Gallery Hyundai (Gangnam Space)
Artist(s): SUNG Jin Kim
Date: 3 Jun - 20 Jun 2010

Gallery Hyundai Gangnam, the lips you've been browsing through the inner face of the third exhibition of the artist Sung Jin Kim is prepared. In the meantime, this exhibition depicting the works in close-up of the lips, even candles, books, clown and more new material and symbolic representation by Kami baegadoen movie showcase more than 20 points.

Kim Sung lips while the lips are rendered realistically, rather than focusing on the inner meaning of the various emotions and complex psychological, emotional, such as the little man out of the hearing to represent them in the mouth. Invisible to the human emotion in the body of the only people exposed to flesh out parts of the body and the object of addiction is also called a lip maximizing symbolically provocative material reveals. The author dramatically enlarged lips, think through the actions and will change depending on the situation of human duplicity and hiding and exposing the inner conflicts, such as a symbolic representation of the elements and will not be.

Sung Jin Kim, especially in this new image of your lips with deuleseoneun situation of water to produce a more dramatic candles, books and other objects of the world by clown to see more of these senses are stimulated. Meanwhile, the author expressed the clown you've been is another expression of the lips, with sadness and fateful in our world, each situation must act according to the number of fake ones in contention. Close-up artist who also works ipsulman turned heads in the face of the face to express sexual and sensual lips only a little more attention than the emotional implications and the depth direction can pay.     

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