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Inside Out
by Gallery Hyundai (Gangnam Space)
Location: Gallery Hyundai
Artist(s): Peter SCHREYER
Date: 22 Sep - 2 Nov 2012

Although modern design appears to focus mainly on the future, everything has its roots in the past. As a little kid I spent every sunday with my grandfather who brought me into his little studio where he built toys like wooden cars, planes, and even a zoo for me. By passing on his talent and creativity towards making things, he was the one who got everything started and the reason why I think that ones roots are ones greatest treasure. While my life as a designer takes on this idea of creating things and thinking in the future, as an artist I am trying to fill this gap with my reflections from the past. You could even compare my artwork to a diary, in which I reflect, proccess and live up memories from my life. When looking at my exhibition one will see that all these experiences and ideas I lived through have made me the man and artist I am today. If it was my 4 years old me , drawing the zoo my grandfather made for me, the 15 years old rebel who thought his one and only calling to be a Dadaist, or the 40 years old family father spending his time flying in an open cockpit aeroplane through the alps, and being at home with his beloved family. All of these stages are brought together by this exhebition and are ment to reflect my ideas, memories and feelings,
This is Peter Schreyer – Inside Out

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