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Gallery Hyundai
122 Sagan-dong, Chongro-ku,
Seoul 110-190,
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by Gallery Hyundai
Location: Gallery Hyundai
Artist(s): Sung Hy SHIN
Date: 10 Sep - 31 Oct 2010

SHIN Sung Hy(b. 1948-2009) was educated at Hongik University. SHIN's art work concerns mainly with the surface of the plane and plane here is implied as a three-dimensional object. He describes his working process in three stages with his own words.

"First, painting, then tearing what I have painted, and finally tying what I have torn and rearranging it on the canvas is the process required for my work. In the first stage, I spread out a cotton cloth on the floor and paint a picture in front and the back. The purpose of painting the cloth on both sides is to interpret a plane as a three-dimensional object. I try to use the coarsest method of painting as possible and so I squeeze the paint directly from the tube and mix it on the material as if doing it on a palette. Then, the images from my memory are recorded freely on the subjects, which are intermixed and overlapped. The colors, then, get to be scattered and form a large-scale abstract expressionist painting.

The next step starts with tearing of the painted cloth once the painting is dried. When the cotton cloth is torn, the images in the paint die with it. The conceptual basis of my work is denied and dismantled as it is torn into strips of color one or two centimeters wide. Coming apart with a loud ripping noise, the paintings become both the subject of a new departure that renews my energy, and, at the same time, the substance and material of the images, large and small, that will form my relief painting in two and a half dimensions.

The third stage is to tie these objects together on the surface. I cut and tear the surface of the canvas transforming it into gaps and crevices. Then I tie and weave the torn cloth strips bearing the colors of the images. The tied ones form knots, while the woven ones plaits or hems, as they are reborn in a painting of relief. As the structure is tied to the surface, this "nouage" technique forms a forest of paintings which combine substance, spirit and performance."

"Nouage" is a term used by SHIN. He explains "nouage" as "a technique similar to collage but somewhat different in nature". He uses this term to theorize the method of his works. His works are closely related to "Support/Surface", a trend that was widespread in France in the 1970's.

SHIN's works are part of the collection at the National Museum of Contemporary Art and HoAm Art Museum in Seoul and also at UNESCO in Paris. He held exhibitions in Korea, Europe and the U.S.A. In 1998 he represented Korea in "Around the Cup" exhibition, held at Enrico Navarra gallery in Paris, that exhibited works of 80 artists from around the world to celebrate the World Cup. He passed away on 17th of October, 2009.

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