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Gallery Hyundai
122 Sagan-dong, Chongro-ku,
Seoul 110-190,
Korea   map * 
tel: +82 2 734 6111     fax: +82 2 734 1616
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Solo Exhibition
by Gallery Hyundai
Location: Gallery Hyundai, Window Gallery
Artist(s): Sang Ik SEO
Date: 5 Aug - 25 Aug 2009

Artist Note

A play between Dry daily-life and Wet imagination.

"Daily life" is a phrase worn-out and banal which wears you out with its none-too-subtle hint of tediousness. Work place, school, computer, cell phone... the space and objects around us certainly seems rigid and dry when we observe them with a disinterested eye. However, we sink in to this dry daily life, watering it with our imagination. We do not perceive our ordinary lives with perfect objectiveness (which would be impossible). We endlessly pursue the sphere of imagination while striving through our repetitive daily lives. Thus every moment of our seemingly dull and tedious lives are never repeated or replicated. We live not in the superficial and material world, but a world with imagination, or perhaps the in-between of these two spheres. I combine these two worlds in the space of painting to show the genuine everyday life. The daily life that would define what consists me or proves me. My paintings become a theatrical space where daily life and imagination can coexist.

I use photograph-based images when combining these two worlds into my paintings. It is to use the 'proof of existence' of photographs, which raises tensions between imagination and actual scenes. Moreover it is a kind of a solution to create a complete world of mine. Maybe the most important points of my work are severe narcissism and attachment to my life.

Sometimes my works are compared with surrealism paintings. My works certainly have some similarities with surrealism in its manner of expression. However, surrealism tried to show the unconscious and destroy the value system of the material world, while I want to concentrate on the coexistence and the boundary of the two worlds. The unconscious of the surrealists clearly have some similarities with imagination, but not without distinct differences.

My paintings right now are about my personal daily life. This might seem to some as personal reflections or narcissism at the extreme. However, I believe my daily life can be communicated and empathized with other members of our society who breath in the same time and space. To express the world and its context around me while sharing it with others through my painting is what I hope for. For now.

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