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Seok SUH biography | artworks | events

Seok SUH was born in Daegu, 1929, and graduated from the Art College of Seoul National University. He won the Prime Minister Award at the first National Art Exhibition in 1949 when he was attending the college. He participated in the foundation of Mukrimhoejeon in 1960 and led the body as an actual leader of innovation movement of oriental painting. He has participated in a number of exhibitions such as Korean Contemporary Art Tour Exhibition in France, Cannes International Painting Festival, Korean Contemporary Art Tour Exhibition in Europe and Korea-China Art Exchange Exhibition including San Paulu Biennale in 1963. He also has held solo exhibitions at GALLERY HYUNDAI, Gallery Ueda in Japan, and Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena. He played a great role of having non-figurative art included in National Art Exhibition. He has led the non-figurative trend in the traditional painting and has been rearing juniors through teaching at the Art College of Seoul National University.

Seok SUH seeks to depict not quite a picture, nor quite a sign, but a whole that is not quite a hybrid of the two, but which derives from both the image and the sign at the same time and constantly flows from one to the other. This to-ing and fro-ing between the two contradictory natures is the essence of his art which should not, nevertheless, be considered solely in the light of its complexity since when it is at its zenith, when it attains the inexpressible without effort, it becomes pure song.


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