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The Michael Schultz Gallery was established in 1986. To this day, German and European painting form the basis for all gallery-practice.

Since the staning years Georg Baselitz, Markus Luepertz and A.R. Penck ared firm parts of the Michael Schultz Gallery's programme. thereto, some Anselm kinder and Gerhard Richter as well as _American Painters as Jean-Michel Basquiat. Keith Haring, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol. Imponant priorities /ant always been the discovery and advancement of younger painters. Among those were in the beginning Cornelia Schlmme, SE0 and recently Sven II/mein, Raisin Kampmann. Jan Muche, Rcemer + Roemer, Mal Wolf and Yusob Kim , all of which are internationally recognized by now.

In order to further this development, schuhz contemporary was established in October 2005 - a second laation of the Michael Schultz Gallery on Berlin. enlusively dedicated to the presentation of agitating young and yet unseen positions. But with this expansion of the gallery-prograname the matter is not sealed atoll In the years following branches of the Michael Schultz Gallery opened in Seoul(RoK) an 2000 and Beijing (CN) in 2007. both th explore and promote new artists, cultures and markets.

Furthermore. the Michael Schultz Gallery Puts on regular shows, takes part in international art fairs in Basel, Dubai, Hong Kong, Madrid, Miami, New York, Paris, Seoul m Shanghai. In doing so, the Michael Schultz Gallery can in a carefully spread network that connects Berlin with artists. associate galleries, Kunstvereine and museums. This Engagement is accompanied by broad publications as sell as the intense counselling, liaison and support of different private and public collections.

With more than twenty years of experience Michael Schultz still takes curious looks into the future.

Andreas Amrhein
Georg Baselitz
Tommy Fitzpatrick
Tom Fleischhauer
Kristina Girke
Burkhard Held
Joerg Immendorff
Stephan Kaluza
Katrin Kampmann
Helge Leiberg
Via Lewandowsky
Robert Lyons
Markus Luepertz
Joel Morrison
Jan Muche
A.R. Penck
Roemer + Roemer
Cornelia Schleime
Carolein Smit
Maik Wolf
Kim heryun
Kim yusob

Opening hours:
Mon - Sat 10 - 6 pm  Cloased on Sun and holidays


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