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Your Uncertain Shadow
by PKM Trinity Gallery
Location: PKM Trinity Gallery
Artist(s): Olafur ELIASSON
Date: 19 Apr - 31 May 2012

"Eliasson creates his miracles alone for the eye of the beholder. And usually the beholder’s eye becomes the semi-remote controlled, semi-autonomous, self-reflective agent of the dissimulations. In the collective experience with others, each visitor to the exhibition comes to grips the picture-puzzles. By means of technically refined minimalisms, Eliasson obtains an only apparently transcendent event that is finally without mystery." - Birgit Sonna.  

Olafur Eliasson, one of the internationally most important contemporary artists, is now bringing his magical scenario show 'your uncertain shadow' to his audience. The show create an illusory and fantastic landscape with light, color, and multi-dimentional space by using techniques like HMI lamps, glass, aluminum, Dimensions variable, etc.

The viewers, once step into the gallery space, their figures would suddenly be casted onto the wall appeared to be a multi-dimentional, and multi-colored "silhouettes", which make them the absolute leading role of the whole scenario. It if this principal, therefore, determines the integrated beauty of the Eliasson's artwork can not be fully expressed without it's audience. On the other hand, the audience would realize once "they are on the stage" the real meaning of "Your Uncertain Shadow".









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