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Hankuk Art Chain Co., Ltd. as the specialized manufacturer for art products and we have distributed over 1,000 types of masterpieces such as art posters and cultural products by leading artists in domestic through the National Museum of contemporary Art Korea, Seoul Museum of Art and Seoul Arts Center. We have played a key role in popularizing the high-class art culture.

In addition, we have developed various products such as scarf, key holder, book flolds, calendars and prints, etc in Kandinski exhibition, BAK NAM-JUN exhibition, Van Gogh to Picasso exhibition, Monet Exhibition and LEE JUNG-SEOP exhibition.

 And we have continuously developed the high-class art product combining the traditional way of art and the modern art by picking out potential artist in various fields such as ceramics, metals, crystals, papers and textiles, so that our products should obtain the good reputation from the customers all over the world.

We are currently working on planning, developing and providing the cultural products as the specialized manufacturer .

Gallery HAC:
Currently displaying Artists:
Kim Myung-Sik, Im Jong-Du, Jang Young-Sook, Sim Myeong-Bo, Chung IL, Song Hyeong-No, Hwang Hak-Man, Lee Man-Soo


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