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Since Gallery Jung opened at KwangHwaMoon, the cultural heart of Seoul in 2001, it held many invitational and special exhibitions every year, and put force our strength to develop for the arts with young and middle aged artists. Especially, it has been bringing up young artists, whose works are alternation for Korean traditional paintings’ techniques with contemporary arts, toward not only an internal of the country but also the world.

JungWon, as the multi-cultural place, consists of Gallery Jung and Space Won, and means “garden.”  This indicates the garden in the complicated city of Seoul, and is busy and existing in the modern people’s minds without belonging to anywhere. The cultural place, JungWon, which has the both exhibition and performance spaces, tries to desire for the artistic accomplishments for modern people.

When Gallery Jung had the first exhibition with the subject of a crane in 2001, a famous dancer of the crane showed her performances at the same time. In June, 2002, three artists, a mom with two daughters, showed the form of connecting spaces at the exhibition of “Opened treasure box”, and also performed of one scene from < A Midsummer Night s Dream> by Shakespeare at the opening reception.

After that, Gallery Jung had about 80 times exhibitions by the most prominent Korean artists. They exhibited about murals of Korean landscapes, oil paintings, paintings on holding fans and print makings.  Each artist decorated the spaces of JungWon with different views and characters.

Also, in the spring of 2006, Gallery Jung’s special project “Spring in CheonGyeCheon”, introduced the decoration like ‘publicness’ and ‘common’ over the foundation of criticism throughout the authority in art for thousand years, before the discussion of social responsibilities and artistic qualities. It reduced the disused arts, consisted discussions for positive mass productions with the publics, and contributed from the newly born ‘Spring in CheonGyeCheon’ to maximize its usefulness by using the feature of time.

Gallery Jung has had interests in foreign art movements.  In the exhibition of “Matisse’s secret,” we held a forum of connecting African art, Matisse, and Picasso, who had influences by Matisse and discussion with critics and art relatives.  Since then, we positively invited foreign artists to have exchange exhibitions.

Gallery Jung looks for outstanding artists to participate in authoritative international art fairs.  Especially, Gallery Jung participated in 2002 Zurich International Art Fair as the first among Korean galleries, exhibited in the main spot of the fair, and provided Korean cultures’ globalization every year. The end of last April, at Geneva art fair, we showed ability of Korean arts very well.  We had been selling art works, and also had been making contract with international galleries for exchange exhibitions.  From the starting of having an exhibition of Christine Kunkler from Germany in June, 2006 and MABOU from France in November, 2006, Gallery Jung will hold many international artists’ exhibitions, which can make for Korean Arts to stand on the world arts’ markets for a long time.

From the year of 2005, Gallery Jung began a project to find out young artists, in order to introduce progressive artists and to exhibit their creative works in present.  Gallery Jung, with its unique exhibition spaces and various artists, who try to find a way out visual arts as a method of communicating with others, creates new groups of artists and supports new and powerful artists throughout the project, and further more, becomes an important spot to develop talented people as showing another sides in Korean arts.  Based on these meanings of the project, View Finder of YAP (Young Artist Project) give consequence to provide an individual booth for getting experiences of solo exhibitions.

Gallery Jung with unique exhibition spaces consists of the first floor (Exhibition hall #1 and #2), the second floor (exhibition hall #3), outdoor space (available for sculpture and installation works), and art shop, and also communicates and adjusts about the curating directly with artists, in order to actualize the progress of new visual images from the harmony of spaces and art works. After the exhibition of YAP project, it can be decided how Gallery Jung can support selected artists for solo exhibitions throughout the strict judgment by the committee. As fulfilling expressions and desires about raising the reconciliation of multiple visions and spaces, Gallery Jung’s special project, which can bring a new movement, indicates various present creative artistic languages , and as a cultural place for visual images, we would like to provide our spaces for artists’ creative rooms and as well as a part of substitutions.  In succession of the first YAP project in 2005, Gallery Jung has began to accept portfolios for the second time of 2006 View Finder of YAP.  The deadline will be October, 5th, 2006 and we expect to receive many efficient artists’ participation. 

Gallery Jung has three different exhibition halls and Korean style garden in the middle of the buildings and, in the middle of the garden; there is Café JungWon, which gives a chance to meet for arts and people.  This space tries to consistitute the multi-cultural places throughout connecting naturally artists with people.

Gallery Jung as the multi-cultural place will grow more variously than the way it is, and you can watch us with your concerns and expectations for always different management by the president, Kyung-Sook Chung, and all staffs toward not only in domestic markets, but also to the world.

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