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Arario Cheonan
43, Mannam-ro, Dongnam-gu
Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Korea 330-160   map * 
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Garden in the Garden
by Arario Cheonan
Location: Arario Cheonan
Artist(s): Byoungho KIM
Date: 10 Oct - 8 Dec 2013

Arario Gallery presents the solo exhibition of Byoungho Kim 'Garden in the Garden'. The exhibition consists of the visualized works for the modulation phenomenon of materials composing human life. 'Module' is originally used in architecture which means a basic size or unit at space zoning. Such efficient way can be seen in human life and whole society, from material things, such as house or body, to immaterial facts like system, society or dream. Especially, it is extensively utilized for scientific approach to the unknown world like nano-technology or analysis of complicated society. Modularity created 'financial,' 'efficient,' and 'rational' values. We accept manipulation of emotion and memory by media and control of life in terms of scientific development without constraint.

The major work of the exhibition 'His Lucid Dream' series shows interaction of architect module and modularized work. Continuing from birth to death, 'dream' looks like being laid but still has vitality. Also it exists as a element that is suspected and provokes conflict every time in terms of module made by the society. 'Garden' in the urban center is decorated according to prepared requisites and design. We take a rest in the artificial nature but it may intended illusion.

Since 1999, Byoungho Kim has expressed the exclusive art world, sound sculpture and installation. The work consisting of a number of tubes spreading from a center point and machine sound reveals nimble motion and cold metallicity. After mass production method based on the plan by the artist, it implies custom and standard in the society. Machine sound flows simply and slowly in the art work but never prevails formality of it. His installation crossing material and immaterial, and a scope of visual and auditory brings silent energy to the audience.

He graduated Hong Ik University and Joon Ang University in Korea. He has opened the solo exhibitions at SOMA Museum of Art in 2010 and Arario Gallery Seoul in 2011, and participated in Jing'an international sculpture biennale and Changwon sclupture biennale. In this time, new large sculpture installation developed from sound sculptures are on view.

Courtesy of Arario Gallery 

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