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Gallery Baton
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by Gallery Baton
Location: Gallery Baton
Artist(s): Andrea VENTURA
Date: 10 Oct - 12 Nov 2013

Unusually, Andrea is not only the artist, but has worked portraits of celebrities with global media companies, such as Fortune, New Yorker, and New York Times. Toned down description of person emphasizing achromatic color is significantly different with Caricature style portrait, this is because form and process of Andrea's collaboration are same as usual portrait in art, and Twin series in this exhibition is an extension of his style.

The theme of the exhibition 'Twins' is based on his environment and experience, since he is enzygotic twins. Even though twins have a same look, but identity becomes faint according to temporal change and difference of environment, which is a starting point for the theme. According to Andrea, his series works, Twin#4,Twin#5, and Twin#6, are not based on each person's portrait but the same photo. However, those are not exactly same in terms of lighting, colors or minute difference of ink and paper, which can imply their environment and habit.

Portraits in gouache on paper are described in unrealistic size by his intention, which reveal his style clearly. Also, image of twins provides an opportunity to experience his work process indirectly.

Courtesy of Gallery Baton 

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