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Gallery Zandari
[121-838, 370-12] Seokyo-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea   map * 
tel: 02 323 4155 / 324 2645     fax: 02 323 4154
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My First Work
by Gallery Zandari
Location: Gallery Zandari
Artist(s): Hai Yun JUNG, Hyung Geun PARK
Date: 26 Sep - 3 Nov 2013

'My First Work' is a duo exhibition of HyungGeun Park, HaiYun Jung. It is to look back each artist's starting point and provide an opportunity to seek the direction for the future. Also, such approach will open the new aspect of their tendency for their works away from specific rule. In this light, the new exhibition aims to see a meaning in the whole process including the philosophy as the artist and the world of art.

HyungGeun Park shows his early works 'a bird winding a spring' and 'Second Paradis' as well as recent works in a same size, 4"x6". There are traces of his worries and thoughts left. His occupational belief is that catching invisible existence in his own language. It can be anxiety, desire, pleasure or anger, or more essential things like an energy or soul dwelling in tree or forest.

HaiYun Jung creates an extension of painting as a space work, mural and installation. It is started from a process for the artist's interest and theme, rather than approach as an extension of medium. 'Drawer', her starting point, involves various implicative factors. Above all, the essential question inside is about the meaning of existence, and it is extended to the question for 'relationship'.

This exhibition will reveal the meaning of process as looking back the beginning of work through each artist's medium, photo and painting. Also this attempt will help to find the direction of work with broaden access.

Courtesy of Gallery Zandari 

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