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Gallery Godo has been established to introduce the tradition and information of the East and West based on the experimentation of the visual arts. To do this, the gallery has strived to bring together works of European as well as Korean artists, exploring their reaction to cultural, institutional surroundings.

Its endeavors to mount the exhibits with solid contents contribute eliciting the more vivacious, prudent response of the viewers. The gallery intends to prepare the future by nurturing up-and-coming artists who conduct a variety of experiments. It develops the stable, open system of dealing artworks to provide the viewers with the pleasure of possessing the original. The gallery also makes efforts to embody the beauty and inventiveness of the visual arts and works in the field of supplying regionally appropriate and environmentally friendly installation sculptures. It also organizes the workshops and academic seminars exploring latest information on the visual arts.

Opening hours:
Mon - Sat 10am - 7pm


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