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As our name ‘ART’ and ‘SIDE’presents itself, ARTSIDE has its own philosophy that "ART is ceaseless centering of SIDE". We interpret the concept of 'SIDE' not as an isolated center, but as center of ceaseless self-exploration. We havediscovered the artists who expand their own visual language with fortitude and artisanship, and introduced them to the world art market. We have been putting effort to reborn as the gallery that specializes in contemporary Asian art establishing foundation in Seoul and Peking.

Gallery ARTSIDE was established in Insa-dong, Seoul, Korea, in Aug. 26th, 1999. In November 2001, ARTSIDE curated "5 Chinese Avant-Garde Artists" exhibition, and introduced 'Wang Guangi', 'Yue Minjun', 'Zhou Chunya', 'Zeng Fanzhi' and 'Zeng Hao' to Korean art audience for the first time.

From 2002, ARTSIDE has been taking leading role in exchanging and understandings of Korean and Chinese contemporary art. In September 2003, ARTSIDE had "China! 3 Faces + 3 Colors" exhibition, and introduced ‘Zhang Xiaogang’, ‘Yue Minjun’and ‘Fang Lijun’. In November 2004, ARTSIDE presented the solo exhibition of ‘Zeng Fanzhi’, a representative Avant-Garde artist of China, through "Unmask the mask". It was very significant exhibition where Zeng Fanzhi showed new works of art with new figurative world deviating from the 'Mask Series' he has been continuously working on for 7 years. We have reborn as the gallery that particularly specializes in contemporary art of Korea and China in 2006.

We have planned the exhibition presenting the new trend of Chinese contemporary art different from Avant-Garde artists who persists the cynical realism. We have presented the trend of passing down art history and tradition of China in new method through two men Exhibition of ‘Zhou Chunya’ and ‘Liu Wei’ in June.

In November, ARTSIDE received an international attention through Zhang Xiaogang’s first solo exhibition in Korea, ‘Amnesia and Memory’. From its foundation, ARTSIDE has been taking leading role in exchanging and understandings of Korean and Chinese contemporary art. ARTSIDE opened a new gallery space in Peiking at 798 Dashanzi Art District on April , 15th, 2007, and try to firmly establish the gallery that specializes in contemporary Asian art.

ARTSIDE would like to contribute developing interesting art products and edition works.

We set up license contract with fourteen Chinese artists such as Liu Ye, Ma Liuming, Lijin, Fang Lijun, Ye Yongqing, Yue Minjun, Zheng Fanzhi, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhou Chunya, Ruo Brothers, Yang Shaobin, Feng Zhengjie, and Tang Zhigang in order to create art products. ARTSIDE’s goal is to share art experience with the public through art products.

ARTSIDE is pleased to announce its print collection. ARTSIDE started to produce lithography from 2003 with Zhang Xiogang’s ‘Bloodline series; Sibling’. In 2005, ARTSIDE produced ‘The Giants of Contemporary Chinese Art’ which consitsts of ten lithographs of five representative contemporary Chinese artists including ‘Fang Lijun’, ‘Wang Guangyi’, ‘Zeng Fanzhi’, ‘Yue Minjun’, and ‘Zhang Xiaogang’. In 2006, ARTSIDE produced Zhang Xiaogang’s first lithography portfolio ‘Amnesia and Memory’ which consists of twelve lithographs as a set in celebration of the artists’ first solo exhibibition in Korea. To gratify the success of 2006’s ‘Amnesia and Memory’lithography collection, ARTSIDE set to work ‘Zhang Xiaogang’s new etching portfolio of ‘Amnesia and Memory’in 2007. ARTSIDE’s single print collection artists include ‘Yang Shaobin’, ‘Feng Zhengjie’, and ‘Yue Minjun’. ARTSIDE will put an effort to distribute understanding of contemporary Chinese art through ARTSIDE Print Collection.

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