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Sun Gallery was opened in 1977 and has been operated by Chang-Shil Kim since the opening year. Sun Gallery is proud to be one of Korea's best known galleries to art lovers and has shown more than 300 exhibitions for the last decades. The gallery also has a great deal of experience in arranging sculptures and paintings in public places.

Participating in the many international art fairs such as Chicago, L.A, Miami, Nicaf, Fiac, San Francisco, Sun Gallery has introduced most influential and promising Korean artists to the foreign art lovers. The gallery also has presented exhibitions for important foreign artists for Korean public, including Marc Chagall, Emile-Antoine Bourdelle, Eduardo Urculo, Alain Bonnefoit, Eric Orr, George Geyer, Laddie John Dill, Machael Hayden. The gallery also made a Sun Art Award in 1984 and has awarded the prize to the promising Korean artists every year. Now the prize winners have become the major roles in the world of Korean art.

In May 2003, Sun Gallery has constructed and completed a new building. The space of five stories allows a sufficient gallery space for any major exhibition. The "Sun Gallery and Sun Art Center" is now ready for playing a more active role in promoting domestic and international art. In collaboration with the foreign galleries and museums, Sun Gallery will be doing a major role in its field for years to come.


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