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Gallery K.O.N.G
157-78 Samcheong-Dong,
Jonro-Gu, Seoul
Korea 110-230   map * 
tel: 02 - 738 - 7776       
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Outside the Frames
by Gallery K.O.N.G
Location: Gallery K.O.N.G
Artist(s): Gregory SCOTT
Date: 6 Nov - 8 Dec 2013

Following Rene Magritte (1898-1967), the master of surrealism painting,  Gregory Scott who is called as the surrealism artist in 21st century will hold the first solo exhibition in Korea. 

Scott strangely juxtaposes video monitor on painting, two-dimensional flat, and recomposes it in multi-dimensional platform. His work is not just a result from technical elaboration of existing media art. To him, digital medium is a tool to reinterpret an existing frame and each genre, painting, photo and video, is found in an independent form but makes a harmony in his work.

As using an viewpoint of infinitely repeating 'mirror in mirror in mirror,' Scott directs and shows likely impossible situations. Through combining HD screen video, oil on panel and digital photo, he makes layered optical illusion which makes the audience confused their ability to sort a difference between the two-dimensional and time-based media works.

Also, being away from control of time and space in the reality, he raises a question for an ordinary life in the 'virtual reality' and makes people to see our world in a new viewpoint. The audience discovers scenes hidden by the artist so that they experience surprise and pleasure.

Courtesy of Gallery K.O.N.G

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