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Stone & Water is a supplement space.
The word ‘supplement’ implies a dual meaning, ‘addition’ and ‘replacement’. 
This is an artistic place supplementing and substituting other existing exhibit spaces, extending from the realm of art to the scope of life. It also contributes to enhancing and improving urban surroundings and life conditions, by replacing them with some artistic elements.

‘Seoksu’ means ‘water’ flowing out from stones in English and its abbreviated form of word is ‘stonewater’. 
The term ‘stonewater’ has a topographical background deep seated in the spirit and mind of the Korean people today, suggesting Korea’s mountains and waters remaining in its long history. 
It dreams of an ecological artistic space in which people exist together with nature.

The supplement space Stone & Water strives to nurture promising artists in all regions. 
It finds out and brings up artists without discriminating them according to their gender and region. 
It organizes art shows, workshops and other various projects to provide the artists with sustainable supports.

It also endeavors to open up a new art market in which the general public becomes the main subject of consumption, thereby generating the environment in which the artists can be absorbed in artistic creation.

Stone & Water moves towards the new art movement based on social, regional networks, pushing ahead various artistic activities based on local and public interests. 
It also put ahead a variety of art educational programs and public art project to remedy numerous social problems in the domain of art.

Stone & Water intends to leave all the records of its activities not to makes them being considered as one-offs. To become economically independent and self-sufficient, it also develops a variety of cultural products.


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