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Space Beam started out as a local art study group in 1995, and have performed various activities like hosting seminars, publishing art magazines, and planning exhibitions. In a need to secure space for regular meetings and activities, it opened its studio in Guwol-dong, Incheon in January, 2002.

Since then, Space Beam has tried to establish the unique identity of local culture as an alternative art space under the motto of publicity, locality, and autonomy. It intervenes in the course of production, circulation, and consumption of discourse on local art and sets the stage for open meetings and productive communications while struggling with the centralized culture & arts system.

In September 2007, it moved to an abandoned rice wine brewing building located in Baedari, Changyoung-dong, Incheon, where Incheon's modern history and culture still remain. Now we are trying to play a critical role in building a desirable urban community through sharing local issues and performing various activities under the context of locality.


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