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Jeong Ki Hoon Solo Exhibition
by Moro Gallery
Location: Moro Gallery
Artist(s): JEONG Ki Hoon
Date: 7 Dec - 20 Dec 2011

I imagine that the story of the picture portrays. This work gives meaning to any object and collect it on the screen after reconfiguring the way the story is padded. ‚óŹ In the current job, as well as the everyday reality that is facing is getting inspiration from a variety of events. Material from personal experience, especially with the collusion of social issues and extend the story out empty and lonely and sometimes facetious, but are depicted. A container with the stars changed astronomical observatory, created room dalpaengyijip, big apple, and often see around the temple to worship things that can be transformed many aspects of contemporary social studies in humans, light and innocent smiles are puleonaego.

(Translated by Google)

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