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Doosan Gallery
Doosan Art Center 1F
15, Jongno 33-gil
Seoul, Korea   map * 
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How To Hold Your Breath
by Doosan Gallery
Location: Doosan Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 23 Apr - 31 May 2014

DOOSAN Gallery is pleased to announce How To Hold Your Breath. This exhibition is part of the Doosan Humanities Theater Series 2014- The Age of Distrust, and it seeks to capture the image of an individual in the midst of our current populous culture-an image that becomes uniformed and gradually less distinct- through the sculptures and site-specific installations of Jihyun Jung, Donghee Koo, and Jung Uk Yang. The title How To Hold Your Breath is a metaphorical statement that underscore the very existence of human beings by way of the symbolic and extreme gesture of not breathing. The act of breathing is a natural action that is performed by every living being as a means of survival. But performing this act in reverse can threaten oneself and cause one to suddenly realize the presence of the body itself; in turn, it provokes us to realize what we have neglected to see ourselves.

An individual in our current society is enmeshed in overwhelming relationships in daily life, both on- and off-line. However, as such diverse, dense, and complicated relationships grow, an individual's private space slowly becomes encroached upon. Private thoughts, perceptions, actions and emotions are laid open and shared with millions of others. The distance between people appears to bring them closer together; yet it destroys one's own space for individual thought and unconsciously places oneself within a group of structured thoughts.

Jihyun Jung, Donghee Koo and Jung Uk Yang's approaches to creating their artworks all involve subjects that are seen as ordinary, equivocal phenomena, and circumstances that are ironic or vulnerable. Jihyun Jung's sophisticated installations cast light on things that have disappeared and have not yet had the opportunity to tell their stories within a rapid cyclical society. Donghee Koo reacts to her environment and social phenomena to figuratively reveal a social structure, often via non-linear films, sculptures, and installations. Jung Uk Yang constructs a wooden structure where sound and subtle movement coincide, symbolizing people's mundane lives, relationships, and daily events.

*image (left)
Jung Uk Yang
Fatigue Always Accompaying a Dream, 2013
wood, motor, thread, 250x330x250 cm
courtesy of the artist 

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