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Yeonhui-dong Rotary seconds CSP 111 Art Space is located in the center of art and literature to music, performances and exhibitions for differentiated harmonize every aspect of the new art.

CSP 111 Art Space, entertaining literary creation of villages and art / artist 's studio, the science lab of a noun is located in a populated area of the gateway, Seoul Foreign School and the HA, as well as overseas Chinese school of Yonsei University, Ewha Womans University, Sogang University, Hongik University, and Korea, Kookmin , Sangmyung University, including famous international schools are 20-30 minutes left in the street. Most of the younger heat radiating Hongda Arts and Culture, Insadong, Light and Color, Sagan-dong, dong, such as museums and galleries in the existing location to ensure a smooth traffic, and with easy access to Incheon airport.

CSP 111 Art Space in the current art criticism and communication, and other artistic genres and visual thinking through the formation of an intellectual climate, and will become the center of international art exchanges. To communicate to the world and an unwavering love of the arts-oriented experiments that the best real misulin and musicians, with a platter of them, artist and a willingness to share with you to provide the best programs. CSP 111 Art Space, including the creators and appreciators of art parties, one minute you a collector who established the program through all our hero to lead a new world, I sincerely hope born of the times.

CSP 111 planning program as a 4-month period of 1 year and 3 times is done. CSP 111 Art Space exhibition program takes place in space 1, 2, 3 exhibition and the exhibition department of planning and CSP 111 is configured to an external display. 1 and 2 negative exhibition transcends the generations and genres of contemporary art in depth to explore the topic through the works of artists and artistic thinking of the chapter is established. Special Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary History of Korea in the world, as well as important compounds, present in the active creative work of art is an inspiration of contemporary artists, middle / senior artists are invited. 3 Department of exhibitions and programs to support young writers is daunting. CSP 111 in addition to hosting exhibitions of the museum and galleries, alternative spaces, and cooperation is expected to continue. Music and Performing Arts celebrated the opening of the exhibition of one-time events such as concerts and is differentiated from. Special Invitational Exhibition and the motif of the theme of art and music, literature, dance and genre-hopping changjakgok and play, creative arts performances and extended release form of the chapter will be. In addition to writers and critics, museums and galleries, art journals, art lovers and collectors of her work involved a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of the world, and dialogue with art and artists to communicate, academic lectures, seminars, and nearby schools and Events such as the Bridge Program is to prepare them. All of CSP 111 exhibits, music, performances and programs to be published in Proceedings.

CSP 111 Art Space Agency's program of the National Endowment for Culture and Arts under the auspices of the company is done. This is simply beyond the financial assistance, CSP 1111 planning programs and creative arts activities appreciate the significance of individual-level encrypted way to communicate away from public opinion to play a role. The participating artists are also planning programs and promoting the means to advance the art world, with the execution of the program officials and art lovers during the actual visit and experience increase the likelihood of participating artists' works to the breadth and depth of understanding of the world Adding to provide opportunities.

In addition, during the planning program, public agencies and business / private collector exhibition and sale transactions of the work is established, fees charged by the CSP 111 Marketing Planning and Program Development for the participation artists / collectors of the sponsors' carefully used to. In addition, visitors to visit cultural contribution of zero-operating with voluntary contributions, to provide a new culture and art to enjoy the atmosphere.

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