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They are committed to studying and rediscovering senior artists who represent Korea and to supporting prominent Korean artists for their excellent works. They are also focusing on making a firm foundation for future arts through weighty and various programs to discover talented new artists.

Since its opening, they have made a considerable effort to make arts more comprehensive and unique through art competitions to discover new and innovative artists in Korea and help them take a rostrum.

Furthermore, making international art world into a more fresh and developed shape by introducing Korean artists to the world is one of our big ambitions.

In addition, they will continuously develop new art products and new art consulting which incorporate high-class culture into their life and make the gallery a space where people can feel the touch of art.

It is their promise that Seo Gallery provides high quality exhibitions and plays an important role as a cultural space for various cultural activities. They appreciate your great support and encouragement.
SEO GALLERY wishes to contribute to the expansion of the background of art and culture by systematically studying and analyzing the works of the artists, leading the contemporary art world in Korea and overseas, and holding special exhibitions.
The gallery will search for artists who give effort, work with various possibilities and creativity and encourage their original enthusiasm for creation to play important roles for new culture and art.

The gallery will search for the direction of art and suggest examples in that direction through new and creative special exhibitions.

The gallery allows professional artists but also new collectors easily to appreciate works of art and participate in the art collection by exhibiting and selling the works of renowned artists. Through such activities, the gallery will become the place that connects the artists creating their works, collectors who wish to share the art, and the viewers.
The cafe on the 1st floor is used as a place to draw the attention of local residents to art and culture, encourage art lovers to participate in the exhibition place, a place to talk about art freely and the place for information on art and culture. It will increase the chance to meet living art, and it leads to the exhibition halls on the 2nd floor and the underground 1st floors.

They located an art shop beside the exhibition place on the 2nd floor to contribute to the spread of wholesome artworks and rejuvenate the art market through full scale marketing activities. They are planning to hold various types of performances in the exhibition and performance spaces in the underground 1st floor and will play the role of a combined art space.


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