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Today in a world that is largely globalized, we see the culture of art changing everyday; many different arts constantly cross national boundaries, and we are practically inundated with culture and art.

Recently galleries have been hosting a number of international photo exhibitions, and a growing number of people are visiting them with interest.

Having discerned this generational trend, Kim Young Seob Photo Gallery opened, wishing to serve as the bridge between the public and the world of photography.

Strategically positioning itself with the trend of globalization, Kim Young Seob Photo Gallery is determined to export and introduce Korean photography to other countries, and at the same time invite leading photo artists around the world and show their work in Korea, thereby contributing to the world of photography in Korea as a full-fledged international photo gallery.

Primary Purposes and Operations of Kim Young Seob Photo Gallery
Establishing a New Identity for Korean Photography through Finding and Incubating Young Artists-Promoting and catalyzing creative activities through purchasing the work of young artists with superb talents and Korean values

Obtaining and Sharing of Information through Photo Exchanges on an International Level -Participating in international photo exhibitions, workshops, and festivals and actively introducing Korean photography and accurately understanding the trend of modern photography.

Collecting Photos of Both Korean and Foreign Origin-Collecting and displaying historically important photos of Korea and other countries.

Providing Physical Space for Photo Enthusiasts’ Gatherings and for Information Exchange.


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