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Gallery Olreh, former JAY Gallery, is located at Insadong in Seoul, the central art district in Korea. It focuses on diverse visions not only of established or emerging artists, but also of many creative cutting-edge artists.

Up to the present, Gallery Olreh has illuminated various visions from various backgrounds: from England, Italy, Japan, U.S.A. and so on, let alone its local country.

Recognizing art as a concept, Gallery Olreh also makes much account of its theoretical inquiries. It has held many open forums not only for the artists, collectors, and critics but also for the floating public.

The staffs of Gallery Olreh are filled with theoretical people. Its owner and its curators all studied philosophy of art and art criticism at universities in different countries. With their theoretic insights, they inquire into new tendencies, and try to realize their ideas for post-culture.

Today, Asia is changing. So is Seoul where JAY Gallery perches on. Seoul today is quickly becoming an international capital. Two million international guests are living and working in Seoul. In such movement, art in Seoul confronts unprecedented new situation: its market has been much expanded and diversified.

In this new environment, JAY Gallery has been proud to stand on the forefront in developing a new art scene in Seoul with new vision and new prospect. To keep up with this mission, JAY Gallery did not neglect innovating itself incessantly.

To put its concerns with the international stream of art and to take its share in the art market, JAY Gallery has participated in its own networks in many countries. Above all, Gallery Olreh initiated its own feature exhibition 'Post-Transcendence' at Cabaret Voltaire, the place of Dadaism, in Zurich. As well, it has particiapted in many art fairs in important cities such as LA, New York, Cologne, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Singapore and Melbourne, etc.

Challenging new concepts of art no one has ever explored is what Gallery Olreh is for. Through art, we'd like to change the way the world has been.



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