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They are founded in September 5th, 1999

A space in which the minority can dream form its own language through alternative visual art and media.

To research, execute, and produce visual art and media with an alternative point of view. By "alternative point of view," we mean a point of view of the feminist and the minority, but not of the mainstream. By "alternative visual art and media," we mean a new visual art form that is able to hold an alternative point of view rather than to fit a pre-existing stereotype.

Media Theater, Exhibition Program
Regular exhibitions of visual art/media, photography, and design/illustration, project screenings, and archive construction.

New Media Festival in Seoul   (http://www.nemaf.net)
The New Media Festival in Seoul is an annual public festival for new media and new genres.
With the mottos 'alternative view' and 'experimental mind', we crave to break down the boundaries among cultural areas through visual art. It is significant to create discourse on new, alternative genres such as digital experimental film, video art, visual performance, experimental video, post documentary, and video poem. The festival also offers opportunities for the new faces in visual art to introduce their work.

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