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Gallery We is located in Chung-Dam dong which is the capital street of wedging and fashion. Gallery We is a small scale, but an easily accessible place.

Since its open in 2009, Gallery we has established by BTL. Marketing professional company Event Group We's experience since 1991. This outstanding contributes to connection between CEOs and artists. Gallery We supports Art business networking, and promoting both Korean and international potential artists to hold exhibition with an enterprise so that we can scout out fresh and unique artists and support their art work. Various programs and a systematic exhibition contribute to new artistic culture. Gallery We hopes that it helps to be expanded a foundation of Art industry.

In addition, Gallery We offers the new way that the art combines with various genres such as architecture, design, and fashion. It develops new space art that art culture focuses on our life connected to art production development and art consulting in order to expand art culture in our life.

Gallery We is beyond traditional gallery style. Gallery We has a good advantage of location that it has a garden, and is located in the easily accessible place. Gallery We offers the time to artistic exchange with artists and opinion leaders. Gallery We will lead the new art business.

Opening hours:
Daily 10 am - 7 pm


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