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Before the opening of I M ART, there was a space which had a culture of French Salon around Hongik University in 2005. This space was the matrix of I M ART as a gallery as well as the motivation power. We planed a lot of opportunities to communicate and discourse with young intelligentsia and vested people beyond the prejudice of one's sex, and social position, following the culture of French Salon. And this space endeavored to share their thoughts and opinions of each other.

In this liberal atmosphere, the Space became one of the meeting places where people can discuss about philosophy, literature, and art. People could understand each other and make a new relationships and networks no matter who they are, or how old they are. Although the space was not very big, it planed many nice exhibitions for passionate people, from university students to veteran artists, and held seminars with specific topics to lead a sound cultural climate of discussion as well. Also it settled down to appreciate movies and films. In 2005 it participated in the Festival centering

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